The SpeakerMC Show

The SpeakerMC Show is an engaging, interactive talk show that frequents on alternate Mondays. 

The show focuses on topics dealing with relationships. The tagline, “All About Relationships”, expresses the show’s explorative nature into how we relate to ourselves, to our environment and to others. It is supported by a mostly female, entrepreneurial demographic. 

For 60 minutes, two guest experts and the host, engage in candid dialogue about a themed show topic. The guests showcase their expertise and donate an offering to the audience to create a leading path to their business.  

The show airs live, usually, from 9PM EST to 10PM EST, via, an internet platform.  

Being a sponsor of the show will absolutely improve your exposure!

I love the interactions and the topics on The SpeakerMC Show. It brings up topics that helps us all think out of the box.

I love the questions Marcia asked on the show. The SpeakerMC Show is really out of my current target market, but I loved sharing and being part of the experience.

I love the chance to hear and share with the other guest. I get more exposure by being part of the show. I highly recommend this show.

The conversation was wonderful, the ability to learn from other's point of view. 

I like the host and the organization. I love that I'm able to connect with other guest of the show.

I like the various structures upon which the show was presented. A lively, well-thought out, engaging, relevant topic. I really enjoyed myself. Thanks for having me. ~ Fox Beyer

The It was fun! I truly enjoyed each of you. Quite an honor and hoefully we'll meet soon. ~ Dr. Pamela Yewong

I really liked the interaction with the other presenters and the knowledge that they had. I'm hoping that I was able to expand my audience by being on the show!

I like the format, the hostess, the vibe, all around enjoyable experience. The show brings exposure towards an important cause.

I liked the natural organic interaction of conversing with friends on the show. This show brings exposure and deeper perspective to me.