Episode 4 - Premies

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This month’s all about P.E. - Premies.  

Is It In My Head ~ or My Hand??! 


We’ll start with the obvious, which is like COMMON SENSE – it’s COMMON but not many people have it. Same as Orgasms, common BUT NOT many women experience it. And to top that, not many people know there’s a difference between an Orgasm and an Ejaculation.  

It’s common for people to think they’re the same. Just like they call the vulva the vagina. Nah, they’re different. The vagina is the internal canal where the party’s at and the vulva is the door way, with those luscious lips. When in doubt, just call her PUSSY. But that’s not our topic today. We’re chatting about ejaculation vs. orgasms. Though they ARE related, they’re different. After the orgasm, usually comes the ejaculation (aka CUM. Pun intended. LOL).  

The act of sexual climax and the ultimate sexual pleasure (mentally) is orgasm, while ejaculation is the result of an orgasm. Got it? Orgasm – mental; ejaculation – physical!  


Remember we said that Orgasms are mental and that many women have not experienced orgasms. That could be a result of many things, one of them, could be that she thought there was no physical evidence, the ejaculate, so she did not have an orgasm.  

Another, that she doesn’t feel safe, so she can’t relax into the orgasm and let go.  

Another could be that limiting belief, that “women are not sexual.” That’s such bullshit!! Relax and enjoy the mental “fuckery.”  

More women in gay unions experience orgasms than women in straight relationships!!! 

Why Should You Care?  

You know what’s mind blowing??!  

More women in gay unions experience orgasms than women in straight relationships! 

Studies show there’s still 54% of American women, 18-30, who don’t have the word orgasm in their sexual vocabulary. Yes, it’s still a big problem. 54%!  

And, though the topic is about PE ~ Pre-Mature Ejaculation, it’s also thought that only men suffer from this. Nope, actually a study in 2011 of a small sampling of women showed that 40% of women are “early arrivers!”  

Why Should You Care? 

54% of Women never experienced an orgasm and a study in 2011 showed that 40% of women had pre-mature ejaculation. The age group was between: 18-45 and published in the Sexologies journal. Pre-mature ejaculation, that’s when they’re releasing fluids before the sex act or at the very beginning of sexual intercourse. Too soon.  

Now these stats are alarming!! Because, if 54% of women have NOT experienced orgasm, and 40% are cumming too quickly, then who’s really enjoying Sex??!  

This 40% will share that they feel embarrassed, guilty or disheartened, because now their mood changed and they don’t want to continue. Either way, their mojo is wrecked and eventually their relationships. 

Even more concerning, how many women are early arrivers but continue to scream down the walls – fake it til you make it. So your partner is CLUELESS!! And you don’t talk about it – no communication.  

Can you see how our relationships are affected? Can you see how many women may be walking around totally frustrated for one reason or another? Can you see how some chick may be a bitch to us at work or at the store and it’s because she’s wound too tight? Hmmmmm……  

Kegel balls: Her Kegel Kit -- $34.85

Kegel egg: 50 Shades of Grey Vibrations Remote Egg - $89.99

So What Should You Do? 

Well, if that’s you, or if you know someone who’s having this “Cumming Too Quickly” issue, then here’s a ball to use.  

Kegel exercises help to strengthen the pelvic floor and this affects the muscles that control the ejaculations.  

When you do your Kegels you’ll improve your orgasms. And you can do this with your partner. (This is assuming that by now you’ve talked about it and aren’t embarrassed.) 

The remote vibrator egg makes it a fun exercise, for both of you. Talk about spicing up the relationship! LOL!! Use it at dinner at home or out on your date night. 

Or you could both do this "A.M. Werkout." If you’re one of those couples who don’t mind sharing the bathroom while getting dressed for work, you can do your exercises, together. He’ll start and stop the flow of his pee, in a one-two-three-hold for 2 secs; one-two-three-hold for 2 sec – cadence. And you could follow along while brushing your teeth. P.S: Focus on the muscles that control the bladder, not the butt nor abs. 

Now that’s a couples’ workout!! LOL!! 

See you next time!  

Get you back to S.L.U.T.T.Y ~ more Sex, Love, Understanding &Tenderness To You!!  

We hope you have a fun time incorporating what you may have learned here today. We’d love to hear about it.  

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