Episode 3 - Anal

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This month’s all about Anal Play.  

OOOhhh Shh%%$tttt!!! 


Ever had one of those nights of passion-filled sex, and in the midst of the thumping and pumping, the cock slipped out and in his haste, tried to slip it in your ASS??!!  

Well, if you’ve never experienced Anal Sex, then you’d be horrified!! But if you have, then you’ll know that fucking in that hole is like scratching a hard to reach itch!  


Tip #1: Play Safe 

Never, never, never take the penis out of the anus and put it into the vagina!! Can you say INFECTION – herpes, genital warts??!! Change condoms and wash your ass immediately after! Not doing so, can lead to serious infections and other complications. Change condoms and wash your ass immediately after!! (It’s worth repeating.)  

Tip #2: Lube, lube, lube 

Bring your own grease!! Either spit, or a water-based lube – they will not break down the latex in the condom.  

Change condoms and wash your ass immediately after!!

Here's a lube worth checking out.  

There’re some numbing lubes to make it less painful. We don’t recommend them.

Why? Because pain is a way of your body telling you that something's wrong.  

Check out: 50 Shades of Grey Anal Lube - $9.99

After the two to three finger, graduate to a BUTT PLUG.

And lube, lubee as well. 

Check out: 50 Shades of Grey Anal Butt Plug - $29.99 

How It's Done  

Tip #3: Start Small 

Listen, if you’ve never tried anal play before, then we recommend you start small. Literally. A penis is a really big item to be the first thing you stick up someone's butt!! Work your way up to the DICK. Start with a finger, then two fingers -- try it during oral sex for an extra thrill. No CLAWS PLEASE!! (Remember, short nails are better.)

Tip #4: Lube! Lube! Lube! 

After the two to three finger, now you can graduate to a BUTT PLUG. Try 50 Shades of Grey Anal Butt Plug

Tip #5: Clear the Way 

Before having anal sex, take a good Shit! Sorry, bowel movement. LOL!! Eat lots of FIBER!! Or take an enema! And then, Rear Entry Please!! Your adventure begins.  

Hey, it can be a great substitute around “that time of the month!” You never know 'til you try it!!  

See you next time!  

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We hope you have a fun time incorporating what you may have learned here today. We’d love to hear about it.  

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