Episode 12 - Masturbation

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S.W.E.L.L. for Women is a community for women to feel safe and secure as they learn a fresh, new perspective about their sexuality and sexual wellness, so that they give themselves permission to unleash their Inner Goddess.  

This month we will be chatting about masturbation and reflexology in a 3 Part segment entitled:  

“Get in the Zone.”

It’s masturbation with a twist, your well-needed, more focused. 

In Part 1, we’ll talk about what are the zones are; Part 2 we’ll locate them and Part 3 we’ll administer the massage. 

In the last episode, we spoke about Where the Zones are Located and asked that you do some Self-Assessment and Self-exploration Home Work. Today, we’ll administer the massages. 

Solution – How to Massage  

I encourage you to explore and massage, throw your own party or invite your favorite playmate and go at it! 

Get in the Zone!  

Whether you let your fingers do the walking or call on “BOB” (your Battery Operated Boy Toy or the live one), become the Explorer and discover new terrains.  

For these massages, I will encourage you to do so with some focused intention, being more aware of the sensations in whichever areas. If you already know how which organ may need some special attention, the heart, the spleen, the lungs, then give that area of the vaginal canal some well needed attention to correct the ailment, heighten your mood and heal your body.

  • For 5-10 minutes a day, spend time gently massaging one area and notice the sensations. Start slow and gentle.
  • One toy that may also help with the energy work and absorbing some of the trauma, may be a Gem Stone Yoni Egg. Some stones which are great are: Jade and Rose Quartz. 

Rose Quartz is crystal of unconditional love and is a powerful aphrodisiac. It is a brilliant crystal for healing emotional trauma stored in the womb as it emits kindness, gentleness and compassion.  

Green Canadian Nephrite Jade is widely known as the ultimate fertility stone and in many ancient cultures, particularly Chinese and Maori, Nephrite Jade is revered as the “Stone of Heaven.”  

But find a stone that resonates with you. Practicing your massage using the Yoni Egg, particularly the gem stone eggs, will help to energize the kidney, lungs, spleen areas readily. 

  • If you decide to get a playmate, note that if the massaging gets heated and escalates, there are different sexual positions can help heal different ailments. For example, years, centuries ago, a woman with weak kidneys would have been told to go home and have sex in reverse cowgirl position! So I’m just sayin’. 

That’s a conversation for another day.  

This massage is so erotic and it helps to stimulate your pheromones and endorphins. These hormones have healing properties and is better than any pill!! Energize your body, intensify your pleasure, and heal your body.  

If you’re a Goddess who loves that Thug Passion and hard pounding sex, remember, it’s great, but try to mix it up with some gentle rolls too. Why? Because all that “hard pounding” sex can shut down some of these reflexology points. Gently massaging these zones increases your physical and emotional health. Next time you get finger fucked, whether by you or by your Boo, take note how your heart opens up. When you practice opening up the heart chakra, you’re better able to give and to receive love, emotionally. Heal your heart and heal your body all while you destress and masturbate. Try it. You get an Orgasm and a Heartgasm! Whaaatt??!! I hope you received some value from this 3 part episode and that you’ll continue with your self-assessment and self-exploration. Continue to CUM-unicate with Yourself. Remember connect with us on Social Media @Speak2MC and tune in next time for more tips and tricks to expand your sexual vocabulary and improve your CUM-versation!  

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