Episode 11 - Masturbation

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This month we will be chatting about masturbation and reflexology in a 3 Part segment entitled:  

“Get in the Zone.”

It’s masturbation with a twist, your well-needed, more focused. 

In Part 1, we’ll talk about what are the zones are; Part 2 we’ll locate them and Part 3 we’ll administer the massage. 

In the last episode, we spoke about What Are the Zones and asked that you do some exploration Home Work. Today, we’ll locate the zones.

1. Where are the zones located?

Like Rhianna says: “Sex with me’s so amazing…!”  

How do you locate these zones, especially if you don’t know that you need it massaged? Good question.  

The genital region mirrors different organs – 

  • Mouth / opening of the vaginal canal = connected to the kidney; 
  • Midway the canal = linked to the liver; 
  • At the top near the cervix = heart and lungs  

Gentle massages of these areas not only gives pleasure but it also heals.  

Similar to the vulva’s vaginal canal, is the penis. 

  • The head of the penis = heart, lungs 
  • Right under the head (or the corona) = relates to the spleen 
  • Midway the shaft = the liver; 
  • At the bottom, closer to the testes (the balls) = the kidneys. 

Sound familiar? Yea, that’s why when the two get together it feels so good! So why not take it to the next level, the healing level?  

Gently massaging these zones increases your physical and emotional health. 

Next time you get finger fucked, whether by you or by your Boo, take note how your heart opens up. When you practice opening up the heart chakra, you’re better able to give and to receive love, emotionally. Heal your heart and heal your body all while you destress and masturbate. Try it. You get an Orgasm and a Heartgasm! Whaaatt??!! 

2. How do you know which part needs more attention?  

Take stock of your emotions, how you’re feeling lately.  

I’ve expressed this before that every woman needs to make that vital introduction to her pussy. Not just for sexual arousal, but to get to know her, to look under her hood, locate the spots, the G and the A Spots. Like any relationship, it takes time to get to know each other. So don’t rush it, but do it!  

Next episode we’ll describe how to perform the massages.  

In the meantime, continue with your self-assessment and self-exploration.  

Join us for Part 3 and continue to CUM-unicate with Yourself.  

Remember to do your HOME WORK, connect with us on Social Media @Speak2MC and tune in next time for more tips and tricks to expand your sexual vocabulary and improve your CUM-versation!

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