Episode 10 - Masturbation

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This month we will be chatting about masturbation and reflexology in a 3 Part segment entitled:  

“Get in the Zone.”

It’s masturbation with a twist, your well-needed, more focused. 

In Part 1, we’ll talk about what are the zones are; Part 2 we’ll locate them and Part 3 we’ll administer the massage.

1. What are the Zones?

One important thing to remember is that we are not talking about your grandma’s type of massage. Well, let me take that back, there are many grandmas practicing this type of massage. LOL! No judgment. We are speaking of reflexology. In my workshops I share information about the sole of the feet and hands and how there are zones there that align with our internal organs. For example the tips of your toes are very helpful to stimulating the brain and heightens the libido. While the inside ankles helps with orgasms.  

Massaging is another way that we detox our bodies.

We go to a spa and get a full body massage with some scented lavender oils for about $100, and we come home feeling renewed, relieved of stress and lactic acid buildup. Same principle of healing should be applied to masturbation, the other massage. And I always say that masturbation does NOT have to be a Solo Party, you can practice this with your mate. 

Here’s another way to think of masturbation. Besides being a stress reliever, it can be a healing activity. What do I mean? Just like those zones on the feet trigger pleasure points, well so do zones on our genitalia! Yes, yes, I know that you know that, because you acknowledge the pleasure you feel during intercourse with the moans and groans. But, I mean, do you know that there are actual zones on our genitals that relate to organs in our bodies??!! Ahha! See how amazing this temple we call a body really is – it operates with the most precise form or communication and every cell gets along, for the most part. So why don’t we follow suit? Well that’s another topic for another day. But today, we’ll chat about activating those pleasure zones, for our health!! Here’s what I mean. If the stroking of your vaginal walls meant that you were massaging your spleen or your kidneys, and it felt so damn good, would you scream or moan? (Well, I’m not a screamer, but I will moan some dirty talk! LOL!) Let’s say you’re a screamer, I’m sure you would NOT yell “Oh my kidneys love you right now!” Or “Fuck the shit outa my spleen, yes, yes!” Am I right? LOL! OK Smart ass, try it with your lover next time. Freak him or her out!! LOL!! Seriously, there are some powerful reflex zones on our genitals. The head of the penis relates to his heart and lungs. That part is called the glans. But how do you know if you need it? When you shoulder aches from too many push-ups or your hamstrings are a little tight, you want a massage, right? Whether from a spa or from your partner.

In the meantime, do some exploration.  

Join us for Part 2 and continue to CUM-unicate with Yourself.  

Remember to do your HOME WORK, connect with us on Social Media @Speak2MC and tune in next time for more tips and tricks to expand your sexual vocabulary and improve your CUM-versation!

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