Episode 1 - Anal

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This month’s all about Anal Play.  

Really?! You Want Me To Milk Him??!!! 


It’s ridding the prostate of the semen left behind in the body. After ejaculation, semen comes out of the penis. If his sex life is active and regular, then milking may not be as needed. If his sex life is dormant or infrequent (celibacy or otherwise), then there’s a chance of bacterial semen build up which causes swelling, known as PROSTATITIS. Milking the prostate gland helps keep it healthy.  


Well, either his doctor, his partner or himself. It’s quite simple. THIS is usually what doctors do during a prostate exam!  

WHY IS IT NEEDED? 1) It relieves the body of stress; 2) It improves blood circulation; 3) Allows for multiple orgasms; 4) It prevents cancer of the prostate; 5) Convenient – either by a doctor, your partner or yourself.  

Milking the prostate gland helps keep it healthy. 


OK, long nails are a “No, No!” Short nails aren’t so bad. They actually look cute, especially when well- manicured. Why cut them? Because you’ll have to place your index finger up his ass! Most guys don’t want anything, finger or otherwise up their ass, so this may need a little coaxing or massaging. Yea, ask him, “Would you like a little massage, honey?” I’m sure he’ll say “Sure!” LOL! (Yea, I know, it’s a set up!

When you end up down there, start with that smooth patch of skin between his ass and the base of his penis, the perineum; it’s right there amid the testicles! Gently massage this area, maybe use some warming candle oil.

This will warm him up, (literally and figuratively)! Be gentle with him, OK.  

Then ask him to roll onto his back and spread his legs. It's just easier this way.

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Now that he's on his back, slip in your finger! Again, BE GENTLE!!  

Use the oil as a lube and go about an inch deep. Here’s as scented anal lube that’s pretty inexpensive as well. 

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Now You Found it!! 

Once the finger is in position, you’ll feel something like a walnut. That’s his prostate! How‘ll you know? Ask him! Trust me, he’ll let you know! “Mmmmmmmm….!!” He’ll say!! But the trick is, keep massaging his perineum. When you locate the prostate, place your finger in a “come here” motion, towards his penis and move your finger in and out and gently massage the prostate. (The hooked finger position with the gentle rubbing in and out is the erotic stimulation along with your massaging the perineum and then the dick– OMG!!)  

Your other hand should be holding the base of the cock and pull it upwards. Be ready for the shots to be fired from him!! This is especially great for the folks who love to multi task! All Hands On Deck!! LOL!!  

Milking allows him to release more ejaculate than his usual, because of the direct stimulation of the prostate! Remember, short nails and use lube – scented or otherwise. Lots of it! This is an intense release, so find cover!! 

See you next time!  

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