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Master Your Zones 

The intention of this E-Book is to offer a different perspective about masturbation. There are techniques and tips shared in an effort to allow a release of the societal conditioning and stigma associated with self-pleasuring.

An introduction to the essence of CUM-unication TM ~ whether done with self, with others, ~ matters not. The purpose of this chapter is to formally introduce this taboo subject. 



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About SpeakerMC

Marcia Chambers aka SpeakerMC, speaks internationally about female sexual wellness and shares her message with women. Her mission as an award winning International speaker and sexual wellness consultant, is to reduce the world's divorce rate by 50% and inspire 1 Billion women. Her passion is to sexually empower females through the Art of CUM-unication TM. Marcia’s message reminds women that sexual wellness is more than sex, it’s about being well enough to have the sex!  

Connect on social media: @Speak2MC