Full Moon Soiree


Are you in Beaufort, South Carolina area? Hop over to the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites for the Champagne & Chocolate Conversations @ 10AM - 11:30AM with a Part 2 on the beach at Full Moon to continue the party in Beaufort, SC  

Topic: The Hairy Bank N.A.  

This is a Group forum for ladies - to unwind and learn some new trends about wellness.  

We engage in adult conversations about sex, sexual wellness and relationships.  

This is a very interactive forum with games, quizzes where we learn new practices and meet new friends.  

For 90 minutes, we sip champagne, eat chocolate and laugh a lot! Bring a friend or two.  

You’ll walk away with a new perspective about sex, about sexual wellness and about sex toys. 

If you’re in the Beaufort, South Carolina area On  

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 2018 @ 10AM – 11:30 AM  

Hop on over to the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suite for some Champagne & Chocolate Conversations!!  

Adult conversations about The Hairy Bank, N.A., and how to combine our sexual energy with our money energy to manifest ALL our WANTS and DESIRES.  

You will learn:  

-how to harness your most potent energy  

-how to co-create with your mate  

-how to release and receive to increase your abundance  

Sip some champagne, eat some dark chocolates and have an enjoyable time!  

Come solo for $15 or bring a friend and pay $5 for each. Click the link below: SOLO or BRING A FRIEND

Share this link with others to get their tickets: http://bit.ly/fullmoonsoiree  

you’ll have so much fun … and learn something new too!!  

We continue the party later with Part 2, on the beach at Full Moon!!