Why do you stay in a relationship where you DON’T FEEL intimate or connected with your partner? Why do you stay in a relationship where you DON’T FEEL your opinions count? Why do you stay in a relationship where you DON'T FEEL appreciated - doing everything for everyone every time, except for you?  

50% of marriages end in divorce, because there’s NO COMMUNICATION and NO SEX! Yes, no sex! 

People exchange DNA and don’t ask the pertinent questions beforehand, then they subject the rest of us to their dysfunctions! Who said he/she wanted to settle down? With you? Or want to have children? With you? Does he/she know what you like or don’t like? Does he/she care? 

If both partners are NOT on the same page, for most of the time, the relationship suffers. And the relationship ends up in a RUT -- with NO affection, NO communication and NO sex! Unless both parties agree to work to recover it, then they’re at Divorce Court.  

When a woman FEELS Unheard or Unattractive or LESS THAN - her entire environment feels it.  

I was one of those women – lonely in my relationship. Longing to laugh loudly. Yearning to FEEL intimate and connected to my partner. Longing to matter. Wanting my opinion to count. Wishing to hold hands on a beach, as LOVERS.

Hi, my name’s Marcia Chambers, the creator of S.W.E.L.L. for Women ~ Sexual Wellness & Empowered Living Lifestyles for Women

S.W.E.L.L. is Female Sexual Empowerment through the Art of CUM-unication!

Before I could help another woman, I had to help ME. I learned HOW TO STOP FEELING LONELY in my relationship. I discovered that Alone does not mean lonely & Partnering does not mean togetherness. Self development techniques, coaches and mentors helped me to uncover and discover how to LOVE ME. Books, courses, webinars, retreats, events, workshops -- I did it all, so that I could learn that I matter.

I helped me to LOVE ME AGAIN so that I could reconnect to my lover, to find the tenderness and excitement in my relationship. Now, I help women who want CONNECTION and INTIMACY to STOP FEELING ALONE. 

My passion is helping women who are lonely in their relationships to go from "sexless to steamy!"

I developed S.W.E.L.L. for Women. This is an Info-tainment forum with a strong Community of Women that: 

  • helps you to regain connection, communication and confidence
  • reminds you to give YOU the permission to be Sensual and Sexual
  • helps you to create trusted friendships  
  • helps you to repair and improve your relationships with women  
  • introduces you to explore foreign lands right in your midst  
  • witness the changes in you as you learn about your secret pleasure tips  
  • helps you to feel heard, appreciated and celebrated  
  • shares information and gifts with you regularly  
  • gathers and breaks bread in the levity to aid in your healing and transform  
  • helps you to explore your sensual side so that YOU FEEL and UNLEASH your Confidence and sexuality
  • changes your perspective about sex, sexual wellness and sex toys 

JOIN THE S.W.E.L.L. Community and Create Connection. 

Live and virtual community events engage you so that YOU increase your sexual vocabulary and lead empowered lifestyles.  

S.W.E.L.L. for Women is the sisterhood of Goddesses, a close-knit community of support, and trust. S.W.E.L.L. for Women is where women learn how to reclaim their esteem so that they ask for what they want, in the boardroom and in the bedroom.  

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Feel Appreciated, Connected & Safe while you UNLEASH your Inner Sexual Goddess!

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